Phoenix Amari Harrison was born October 4, 2005 and raised outside of Los Angeles, California. With music in his DNA Phoenix began writing, producing, and recording his own songs at 10 years old. Now a teenager, Phoenix is a gifted singer, rapper, producer and performer who plays the guitar, keyboards, bass and trumpet.

Always working on his craft Phoenix loves spending time in the lab producing new grooves and writing new lyrics, melodies and harmonies. A triple-threat who sings, raps, and produces, Phoenix’s musical style is a blend of young, slick, street-hop flavor infused with rich, melodic tones and harmonies. A member of Generation Z, Phoenix’s young, fresh energy intertwines with his deep lyrics and old soul, producing a one-of-a-kind musical sound and style. Phoenix’s greatest musical influences are J. Cole, Nas, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, and Kendrick Lamar. Easy-on-the-eyes, Phoenix’s smooth voice and magnetic personality make it easy for his fans to love him and his music. A multitalented artist with unlimited potential, Phoenix Fya’s future is as bright as the stars.